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Jan 23rdWe're at Xbiz 360. Are you? http://t.co/1lN39Qz6t1
Dec 19thAffiliates - Christy Mack and Chris Rockway products are live on our sites and ready to be sold! Promo Tools are available now in FNCash.
Dec 13thIt's Friday! Have a great weekend.
Dec 12thVote for @Fleshlight as @Xbiz 2014 Online Retailer of the Year- http://t.co/k3z4i0ICR9
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Apr 18thHumping a zoologist's head brings a smile to parrot's face! It will to yours too. #LOL http://t.co/GFO4vKew9G
Apr 18thHumping a zoologist's head brings a smile to parrot's face! It will to yours too. #LOL - I Fucking Love Science http://t.co/bR05OIKEqs

Welcome to Fleshlight Network Cash!

With over 7 million units sold, Fleshlight is the undisputed #1 selling male sex toy in the world. FNCash lets you get a piece of that action! As the only official affiliate program from Fleshlight, we are able to offer 30 percent payouts on every order.

From the classic Fleshlight to the the pornstar affiliated Fleshlight Girl products and even the Fleshlight Freaks, there is a Fleshlight to to match all your traffic sources.

Don't forget about your gay traffic! FNCash is proud to offer the same great 30 percent commission on all Fleshjack products. Fleshlight Network Cash allows you to promote both Fleshlight and Fleshjack products right from the same account.

With the power of the Fleshlight brand behind us, FNCash is the perfect non-compete upsell. From pornstar themed sites, to NSFW blogs and much in between, there are so many ways to sell Fleshlight and Fleshjack products alongside, rather than in competition with, your site's content.

Up to date promo tools, bi-weekly payouts through check, wire, Paxum or Payoneer, mean that there is no excuse to not be be leaving money on the table. Signup today and start promoting the #1 male sex toy in the world!

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