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Jul 31stUp Next! @JennaHaze #FleshLive Q&A Wed Aug 6th 9/6pm PST New Textures Launching! Start Swapping Out Those Banners!!! http://t.co/7eSSX780MD
Jul 21stPayouts for invoices dated 2014-07-20 have been sent! Let us know if you have any questions or concerns.
Jul 10thRT @fleshlight http://t.co/0KiQ769Qrd: Check Out @Tera1Patrick on #Reddit #AMA #AskTera http://t.co/l1jq0WruDp
Jul 9thAll payouts for the July 7th, 2014 pay period have been sent. Have a great week!
Jul 8thFNCash Affiliates - what do you think of @TERA1PATRICK's new Fleshlight texture (Tease)?? http://t.co/U1D2jRZOha
Jul 8thWe have released a new texture for Tera Patrick called "Tease"; landing page also updated. Promo tools + link code can be found @ FNCash.
Jul 1stNew rotational banners and link code featuring the Fleshlight #LaunchPAD have been published.
Jul 1stRT @Fleshlight The Fleshlight LaunchPAD is an iPad case that now allows you to pomp your tablet http://t.co/ZVX2IU4bHp… via @MyCityByNight
Jun 30thFleshlight Launchpad Lets You Have Sex With Your iPad (NSFW VIDEO) via @HuffingtonPost http://t.co/EDTW0wo3KY
Jun 26thRT @dailydot: Finally, an iPad case you can really have sex with: http://t.co/TdBlfg9fHq
Jun 26thSafari on iPhone + iPad is used more than any other mobile browser, according to @PornHub. Perfect for #launchPAD http://t.co/n4bbdFIlj2
Jun 26thIntroducing Fleshlight launchPAD - https://t.co/DiTjfpbN81
Jun 12thNew rotational banners have been published for both #Fleshlight and #Fleshjack - let us know if you need any other banners.
Jun 6thTGIF! Have a great weekend...
Jun 5thOur affiliate banner load time is back to normal. Let us know if you encounter any slow loading banners/affiliate content. --FNCash Team
May 30thIt's FRIDAY. What are your plans for the weekend? #tgif
May 28thWe are experiencing technical difficulties. We apologize for the inconvenience.
May 27thAll payouts for May 26, 2014 pay period have been sent. --FNCash Team
May 1stHey everyone! Just a FYI, the site currently under maintenance, but don't worry it should be up again momentarily.
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Jul 31st#nationalorgasmday http://t.co/9ldxBEjfSr
Jul 31st#Giddyup! Here you go! RT for more! http://t.co/Z26tZuwMJE
Jul 31sthttp://t.co/EhPv29nZ9j: Guess What Day It Is?! http://t.co/eEE3QuAGix
Jul 31st#hubbahubba Want to see more pictures like this? I've got lots! RT! http://t.co/qKZQ9TKY0H
Jul 31st#thatASS @MsTeagan http://t.co/hQUZnzVCCE
Jul 31sthttp://t.co/EhPv29nZ9j: Another #FleshLive Video Q&A with @JennaHaze http://t.co/ALiNbHLPaJ
Jul 31stMorning wood brought to you by @AsaAkira! Rise and rub one out! http://t.co/g2KCVQO60a
Jul 31stSweet dreams of @ChristyMack. http://t.co/IJ3jFkZLpI
Jul 31st#AssWednesday brought to you by the and only @Alexis_Texas 🙌😍🙌 http://t.co/X8P31ZDVnH http://t.co/yWmEowYLLr
Jul 30th#TittyTuesday - @JoannaAngel gets spoiled on the job! Check out her webite! http://t.co/wR39Wj6EEU http://t.co/Q9IzxKvPjc
Jul 30thhttp://t.co/EhPv29nZ9j: How It Would Be if Sex Slang Didn’t Exist http://t.co/0zI79aWcvJ
Jul 30thTake home one of @TERA1PATRICK's new unique textures and get a free DVD. Yes please! http://t.co/X8RYgKW7zD - http://t.co/951jbnXcZV
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Jul 31stLick Lick! Double-tap if you wanna taste. http://t.co/G285odLjfQ
Jul 30thGet Your Fave Fleshjack Boy! Choose from @BrentEverett, @PierreFitch, @BrentCorrigan, Dolph Lambert & @Cody_Cummings http://t.co/On6sdF39yr
Jul 30thhttp://t.co/Oxs6V7jT8x: Cocky Boys DVD Spotlight: Jake Bass http://t.co/MSypbJiDMQ
Jul 29thI Used A Fleshlight And It Was One Of The Greatest Sexual Experiences Of My Life | Thought Catalog http://t.co/489veDFEV1
Jul 29thThe #Naked #WarwickRowers are back! http://t.co/HFcKyAGzNK
Jul 29thLet's get soaking wet with Kevin Warhol! http://t.co/wb8rWJUvg4
Jul 28thTake a look at our sexy Fleshjack Boy, @fuckingjakebass - #MCM! http://t.co/9tYGnCXmou
Jul 28thI Used A Fleshlight & It Was One Of The Greatest Sexual Experiences Of My Life @ThoughtCatalog http://t.co/DWrxQCawfo http://t.co/bLTn2RZ8Ao
Jul 25thIt's Friday! Turn Down For What?! ReTweet if you wanna be on TOP of Marcus Mojo! http://t.co/RRooCh5zrC
Jul 24thOk Boys, don't forget your SPF! This #ArianaGrande cover is HOT: http://t.co/gxC7XTsM69
Jul 24thOur Fleshjack Boy @BrentEverett giving us some sexy O FACE! http://t.co/rEXiToK2gI
Jul 24thFeatured #Fleshjack Boy: @AustinWilde - Who do you want to see featured next? http://t.co/Ct6yHNpf7K #Porn (NSFW) http://t.co/XuYuFwfwkk
Jul 24thWho wants to be in between Kris Evans & Dolph Lambert?! http://t.co/hmswyYREzz
Jul 23rdIt's #NationalHotDogDay -- Are you gonna put your #HotDog in a #Fleshlight? href="http://t.co/GuK5P2FTst" target="_new">http://t.co/GuK5P2FTst
Jul 23rdOur #WCW are @ViviennePinay + @AlyssaEdwards_1 http://t.co/S4mN1iWkjg Who thinks they're #DropDeadGorgeous? #womancrush
Jul 23rdhttp://t.co/Oxs6V7jT8x: Featured FJ Boy: Austin Wilde http://t.co/wi7W6ijNUz
Jul 22ndIntroducing @TERA1PATRICK's new unique textures! http://t.co/8gYxAy1e1z
Jul 22ndGet buzzin! Check out our new line of VIBRATING COCK RINGS! Visit our site and get your Quake on! http://t.co/yoFoEyfRv9
Jul 22ndFleshlight is the real sperm collection device leaving you in control. Or would you rather be milked like a cow? http://t.co/Q3pzyYsOgz
Jul 22ndHope you have an amazing day! Take a look at our Fleshjack Boy, the very sexy Jake Bass (@FuckingJakeBass) http://t.co/4Aqlux52ON
Jul 22ndhttp://t.co/Oxs6V7jT8x: Fleshjack Clip of the Week! http://t.co/xj1GwzSg5t
Jul 22ndThe Daily Jack: Clip of the Week! #Fleshjack #Fleshlight #Amateur #Video http://t.co/cXChNV8IbE (NSFW) http://t.co/HA3mZVxep7
Jul 21sthttp://t.co/Oxs6V7jT8x: Check Out Cody Cummings! http://t.co/QrBqr0QetP

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