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Jan 23rdWe're at Xbiz 360. Are you? http://t.co/1lN39Qz6t1
Dec 19thAffiliates - Christy Mack and Chris Rockway products are live on our sites and ready to be sold! Promo Tools are available now in FNCash.
Dec 13thIt's Friday! Have a great weekend.
Dec 12thVote for @Fleshlight as @Xbiz 2014 Online Retailer of the Year- http://t.co/k3z4i0ICR9
Nov 29thBlack Friday/Cyber Monday 2013 - 35% Commissions! https://t.co/2hOCh9uuyV
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Apr 17thSexy picture of the lovely @mistystonexxx - Fleshlight on Instagram http://t.co/oSrPTwS7iw
Apr 16th#ICYMI These are some great #sex tips! - Sex Tip Tuesday! | Fleshlife http://t.co/TDEuQtklkU
Apr 16thThis is my #WCW.. the one and only Scarlett Johansson. Fleshlight on Instagram http://t.co/ApKkjBzBMd
Apr 16thhttp://t.co/EhPv29nZ9j: World Record Wednesday: Sexy Edition http://t.co/WS0U7DzI18
Apr 16thRT if you would fuck you. #LOL -Randumbs http://t.co/lawFfkYHSY
Apr 16thLong story short I found out my boyfriend has some fleshlights. I haven't told him I know yet and it really bo... http://t.co/SSi7LAkng8
Apr 15thEnough said! Get more here: http://t.co/Wv4qpGnA4l RT http://t.co/6pkRNjzCGQ
Apr 15thLOL RT @AsaAkira: Needle in my arm:It's a small price to pay tofuck eighteen-year-olds.#haiku @cuttingedgetest http://t.co/nOPmA1mMi4
Apr 15thCheck out our #Fleshlight that is non-representational of any anatomy of the human body, #Pure - YouTube http://t.co/DwDe7QkCWU RT
Apr 15thhttp://t.co/EhPv29nZ9j: Sex Tip Tuesday! http://t.co/uajiRcslnN
Apr 15thThe Official Fleshlight Tumblr • Sex Tip Tuesday - Touch Yourself http://t.co/2kGOuRrHqi
Apr 15thThese pictures are awesome and SFW! Tron Sex Acts The Scorpion http://t.co/HhNalFUOuS Thanks @UGOdotcom
Apr 15thhttp://t.co/EhPv29nZ9j: 10 of the Strangest Sex Laws in the US http://t.co/OXSL8usGvO
Apr 15th#BWAHAHAHA - US Airways Just Tweeted A Pic Of A Woman With A Plane In Her Vagina http://t.co/hTXjy0KtB5
Apr 14thHow do you handle all 3 of these things? Fleshlight on Instagram http://t.co/lRsYKLyk7G
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Apr 16thHonestly, you only need one... But here are 38. #rugbyplayers #beefcake http://t.co/NJ4UVQnNvE http://t.co/yvTWgzo58d
Apr 16thhttp://t.co/Oxs6V7jT8x: Sexercize 2.0 by Mike Munich http://t.co/9Zl791aPDn
Apr 16thThe more you know! http://t.co/Ls6Q2UrqDo (NSFW)
Apr 16thThe best way to start your #humpday http://t.co/cq204vDhWi #sexercize
Apr 15thTime to book a session! http://t.co/MVCP06ZcCu http://t.co/tq8VyHBiu0
Apr 15thThese pictures are awesome and SFW! Tron Sex Acts The Scorpion http://t.co/WWUebPmtiR Thanks @UGOdotcom
Apr 14thRT if you agree. #LOL http://t.co/JZrhwPsyx3
Apr 13thSo this happens: http://t.co/HzkGltwOq3 #micropenis
Apr 11thhttp://t.co/Oxs6V7jT8x: Alexandre Fucks a Fleshjack @ Maskurbate http://t.co/hDM3DYbzR2
Apr 11thWatch Alexandre have some fun with his Motion by Fleshlight. #Maskurbate http://t.co/bPGQjLXEc4 (NSFW) http://t.co/NmmonfWy5G
Apr 11thDo you guys have any embarrassing phone + lube + #Fleshlight stories? Looking for material for funny videos. Thanks! Tag a friend!
Apr 11thSynthetic dolls. Hot or not? I'm thinking not. #creepy #realdoll http://t.co/nmjG2Vi9BP
Apr 11thDue to technical difficulties we were unable to do the live Q&A w/Cody Cummings. Sorry for any inconvenience & please stay tuned! #FJackLive
Apr 11thLive video Q&A w/ @kvlar2020! We're having some technical difficulties but will be starting soon! Use #FJackLive to ask questions
Apr 10thLive Q&A w/ #CodyCummings - @kvlar2020 - tonight 9:30pm ET/ 6:30pm PT- Tweet your questions with #FJACKLIVE link: http://t.co/ARJ9IbOHwO
Apr 10thJack Candy: Andrew Corvin - I think I'm in LOVE: http://t.co/xZ5FmD2r0d http://t.co/7gheJTObLV
Apr 10thhttp://t.co/Oxs6V7jT8x: Jack Candy: Andrew Corvin http://t.co/pBcHVNt0kU
Apr 10thLive Q&A w/ @Cody_Cummings tonight 9:30pm ET/ 6:30pm PT- Tweet your questions with #FJACKLIVE http://t.co/xP6ib91NjR http://t.co/MThKJpW9x9
Apr 10th#TBT Gay Porn Jersey Shore by The Daily Jack: http://t.co/lNJQoRPSP8 (NSFW) http://t.co/TrVo86LT4V
Apr 10thhttp://t.co/Oxs6V7jT8x: Cody Cummings Q&A http://t.co/8JJ22cC2iQ
Apr 9thLIVE VIDEO Q&A w/#sexy @Cody_Cummings Thurs 4/10 @ 9:30pm ET/6:30pm PT http://t.co/7Le5EXz9f7 #fjacklive http://t.co/IdReA2skNQ
Apr 9thThis is great: #BoyfriendTwin http://t.co/R7afUXrKBh
Apr 9thTodrick Hall is TWERKING in the Rain! http://t.co/DIzrXG8mA3
Apr 9thLongest. Wettest. Kiss. Ever. http://t.co/er4YZqwgQC

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