Frequently Asked Questions

Which web sites are included in the Fleshlight Network?

Currently, the Fleshlight Network includes: and

Which affiliate software is used to run the Fleshlight Network?

FNCash is run on Impact Radius We have previously run our affiliate program on a Legacy platform and CAKE. All future correspondence moving forward will reference Impact Radius. You can find detailed information on how to set your campaigns up here on Impact Radius’s help section: or by reaching out to

Who is Interactive Life Forms, LLC?

Interactive Life Forms, LLC, or ILF, LLC, is the parent company of Fleshlight and all other sites in the Fleshlight Network. Interactive Life Forms, LLC was formed in 1997. The owner of ILF, LLC and inventor of Fleshlight products is a former Los Angeles police officer. More than a decade ago, the inventor's wife became pregnant with twins. Doctors warned that there was a potential for the pregnancy to become complicated and advised that the couple should refrain from intercourse for the duration of the pregnancy. Partly due to his experience as a police officer, being witness to the abusive sexual behavior or men, and out of a desire to remain faithful to his wife during the pregnancy, the inventor of Fleshlight sought to produce a product which would meet his sexual needs and provide all men with a healthy alternative to expressing themselves sexually in such a way which would put themselves or others at risk. After years of development and investing more than a million dollars, the patented Super Skin™ was born. To date, more than three million Fleshlight products have been sold to men all over the world.

What makes Fleshlight unique?

Fleshlight stands out among its competitors for a number of reasons. Our patented material, Super Skin™, surpasses all of its competition as the most realistic and durable material on the market. The Fleshlight Case, covered by United States patent number 5,782,818, serves a number of unique functions, including providing a discreet method of storage for the Fleshlight Masturbation Sleeve, enhances the sensation of the Fleshlight masturbation sleeve, creates suction during use and assists in keeping things clean during and after use. Finally, the Fleshlight masturbation sleeve is designed for long-term use amidst a myriad of products designed for single use. The material maintains its shape and texture and does not deteriorate over time. If used properly, Fleshlight products can last for years of regular use.

Why should I promote FNCash?

The sites and products related to FNCash are the perfect compliment to your current marketing efforts. Fleshlight does not compete with adult content but provides your visitors with a quality product which can be enjoyed in conjunction with your content. With, there are even more opportunities to include our sites and products as cross-marketing promotions designed to take full advantage of your traffic. Furthermore, Fleshlight and Interactive Life Forms, LLC has been providing customers with quality products and services for more than a decade which means you can rest assured that your visitors will be treated with the utmost respect and receive only the highest quality sex toys from a name they can trust.

How It Works

What method do you use to track clicks?

Transaction may be deemed to be resulting directly from a Qualifying Link tracked by FNC from your website to the Merchant Website if:

(i) such purchase is made during the time period set forth by us through the Affiliate Network after the customer has initially entered our website through your tracked Qualifying Link ("Revenue Share Time"). After the Revenue Share Time, we will not pay referral fees on any products that are added to a customer's shopping cart after the customer has re-entered our website (other than through a Qualifying Link from your website), even if the customer previously followed a link from your website to our website.

When do I receive credit for a sale?

Unlike membership programs, a purchase is considered complete not when it is submitted but when it actually ships to the customer. Affiliates do not receive credit for sales generated unless the sale is successful and the products purchased ship to the recipient. For instance, a visitor might submit an order but their credit card could be declined or they might opt to send payment in the mail rather than supply a credit card at all. Submitted orders are automatically updated by our system and move through a series of status levels prior to being shipped. New orders are "pending" until payment is received. Once payment is verified they move to "processing" while staff in our distribution center work to fulfill the order. Finally, once the order is filled and scanned, it moves to "completed" status and the affiliate receives credit for the sale. You might also see orders in "declined" status, which implies that payment could not be processed, "canceled" status, which implies that the customer contacted our staff and canceled their order, or "pending" status, which implies that we are waiting for payment from the customer.

What does each of the status levels for an order mean?

Here is a list of different Order Status levels for your review:

  1. Pending - The order has been submitted but payment has not been received or, in the case of an online check, the payment is being processed.
  2. Declined - The order has been submitted but payment was not processed successfully.
  3. Cancelled - The order was submitted but was cancelled per the request of the customer.
  4. Error - The order has been received and payment was processed successfully, but there was an error during the shipping process. These issues are typically resolved in 24-48 hours.
  5. Payment Received - All received orders which are processed successfully are updated to this status prior to moving on to Processing.
  6. Processing - Payment has been processed successfully and the order is in our fulfillment center being prepared for departure.
  7. Completed - The order has been prepared by our shipping staff and is considered complete. Commissions are applied to your affiliate account at this time.
  8. CSR Hold - This status is employed by our customer service staff in the event that there are issues with the order which require additional attention. These issues are typically resolved in 24-48 hours.

What if a customer returns an order, refuses it at point of shipment, or files a chargeback?

Should an order, which you've already received credit for generating, be returned to our facility for a refund, your commission will be reversed. Likewise for an order which was charged back by the customer (assuming we were not able to reverse the chargeback).

What's the average sale amount?

Our average sale amount, including shipping, is $100 USD.

Will I receive credit for subsequent sales from a customer I refer?

As long as the visitor continues to carry your cookie and the subsequent sale occurs within the time period set forth by us, you will receive credit for the sale.

Why is my commission less than up to *30% of the total sale amount?

We do not offer commissions on the shipping fees paid by the customer. You'll receive commissions on the total product value only.


How do I check my stats? What stats are available for review?

Legacy: You must have an active affiliate account at and be sending traffic using your FNCash link code structure to review your stats. Login to your account at and click on the "Stats" tab in the page header. You'll have access to two tabs: Conversion Stats and Referrer Stats.

Impact Radius:

Conversion Stats

You can segment and view your stats by website, campaign and date range. You are able to view each date separately for the selected date range and obtain information regarding the number of raw and unique hits generated via your account, the number of placed versus shipped orders, the conversion ratio and the total commission earned. If you have pending or completed orders, you can click on the arrow next to the date in reference and view detailed information regarding those orders, including the order ID, the location (city/state/country) of the purchaser, the payment method, the order's status, the associated campaign, the total amount of the order and the amount of the commission due (for "Completed" orders). By rolling your mouse cursor over the pending or completed order, you'll also be able to view the products purchased and the referral link responsible for the sale.

Referrer Stats

The Referrer Stats view is similar to the Conversion Stats; however, when you click the arrow next to a particular date, you're able to view a full list of referring URLs (clickable), the number of unique visits from the URL, the number of orders placed from that URL and the ratio of orders placed to unique visits.

Link Codes

How do I create links using my affiliate code?

Please reference the Impact Radius platform.

How do I create custom links using my affiliate code for a campaign?

You must have an active affiliate account at and be sending traffic to review your stats. Login to your account at and click on the "Link Codes" tab in the page header. Click on the "Custom Link Codes" tab, name the link you wish to create, choose the URL you wish to use as a landing page from the list available and select the campaign you'd like to use from the drop down arrow under "Campaign."

How do I link to one of the preset landing pages?

Legacy: Login to your account at aF100nd click on the "Link Codes" tab in the page header. Be sure that you're viewing the tab titled "Standard Link Codes." You may copy/paste the URL provided next to the landing page of your choosing - your affiliate code is already included in the URL.

Can I create link codes manually?

Legacy: No. All links must be created under your account at FNCash. FNCash will not be able to track link codes which are not created using the interface.

Impact Radius: Please refer to Impact Radius help documents at

I only see the link code (link=xxx) in the URL. Where is my affiliate code or the campaign code?

Legacy: All of the related information, including the affiliate code and the campaign code, is combined in the single link variable. Therefore, all links must be created in FNCash. This is designed to keep the URL simple and to prevent tampering with affiliate links.

Promo Tools

What marketing tools are available to me?

Currently, you'll have access to a variety of banners, both static and animated, in a wide range of sizes designed to fit your needs. If you have something specific in mind but can't find an existing banner that will suit your traffic, please contact us via email and request a custom banner, including any relevant information which might assist us in servicing your request.

Can I market your program and websites via email?

Please refer to our terms and conditions ( to learn more about marketing methods which are prohibited. From our terms on the subject of email marketing:

"We will not tolerate any form of spamming or advertisements from spyware, adware, or parasiteware techniques. Your account will be terminated without notice if we conclude you have engaged in any form of mass electronic mail solicitations, news group, IRC, forum, and blog postings, all forms of cookie stuffing (ie iframes, obfuscation via a redirect, misleading JavaScript comments, CLICK loading in IMG tags, etc), or if we conclude you are involved in any spyware advertising techniques. All funds due to you under the terms of this Agreement will be forfeited as partial damages for violation of the terms of this Agreement. THIS PROHIBITION APPLIES EVEN TO DOUBLE OPT-IN E-MAILS; NO BULK E-MAILINGS OF ANY KIND ARE PERMITTED."


What is the name of the company that issues my payment?

All payments are issued by Interactive Life Forms, LLC via Impact Radius. Legacy programs are issued payments by Interactive Life Forms, LLC.

What methods of payment are available?

Available payment methods include:

    Legacy payment methods:
  1. Paxum and Payoneer - No fees apply. Requires a valid Paxum and Payoneer account.
  2. Check - No fees apply. International affiliates will receive payment sent via USPS.
  3. Wire Transfer - $30 Fee for amounts less Than $2,000 USD.
  4. Impact Radius: Please refer to the array of payment options that are set forth by Impact Radius within the interface.

When do I receive payments for commissions earned?

Legacy: Payments are issued automatically on a biweekly basis to any affiliate whose commissions earned exceeds the minimum amount set in their account preferences. The default amount is $100 and the amount may not be set any lower than $100. Payouts for the previous period will be fulfilled no later than the Friday of every pay week, except on United States national holidays.

Impact Radius: Payments are issued automatically on a biweekly basis to any affiliate whose commissions earned exceeds the minimum amount set in their account preferences. This occurs after a “15-day lock window” to ensure the transactions are safe and secure.

When are payments issued?

Legacy: Payouts will be fulfilled on or prior to the Friday of every pay week, except on United States national holidays.

I haven't received payment. Who do I contact?

If you feel that your commissions due have exceeded your minimum payout amount (the default amount is set to $100) but have not received notice of payment, please send an email to Be sure to include your user name/email address.

Everything Else

Can I purchase products via my affiliate link for personal use?

We ask that you do not purchase products via your affiliate link for personal use or for resale. If you are interested in reselling our products via your website or store location, please contact for additional information.

Do you offer sub-accounts?

We do not offer sub-accounts, but you are able to create specific campaigns for each of your marketing endeavors.

Do you offer a webmaster referral program?

Not at this time. If you feel strongly that you can act as a source of new webmasters interested in promoting our network of websites, please contact us via email at

Do I need to have an active website to be accepted by your program?

Yes. Applications which do not include an active URL which can be reviewed will not be accepted into our program.

I forgot my user name/password. What do I do?

Legacy Platform: If you've forgotten your user name, please contact us using the contact methods available here: If you've forgotten your password, visit, type your user name/email address into the field provided and a new password will be issued to you via email.

Impact Radius: Use the Impact Radius website ( to retrieve the details you need in their Help section. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please reach out to